John Loder 1898 - 1988

Born John Lowe in London, 1898, he was the son of a British General. He was educated at Eton and the Royal Military college. In the First World War he served as a Second Lieutenant in the Gallipoli campaign and was taken a prisoner.

His screen debut was in Germany in 1926 for Alex Korda's Madame Wants No Children, he also had a small part in the spooky Alraune of 1927.

He then went to Hollywood for a while but really became well known in the early 1930s when he returned to England. Here he starred in several films of note including one of my personal favourites, Wedding Rehearsal (1932), and Hitchcock's Sabotage of 1936. By the end of the thirties his status was such that he decided to return to Hollywood but stardom there always eluded him. He played secondary parts in many good films and leads in many secondary films, he was briefly married to Hedy Lamarr (1943-47). He returned to England after the war and also appeared in various television shows during the 1950s.

Autobiography: Hollywood Hussar 1977.