Fiddlers Three


Directed by Harry Watt, associate producer Robert Hamer who also reshot some scenes. Script by Harry Watt and Diana Morgan, photography Wilkie Cooper, art direction Donald Sutherland. Spike Hughes composed the music and Eily Boland edited. The stars are Tommy Trinder, Sonnie Hale, Diana Decker, Frances Day, Francis L. Sullivan, Elizabeth Welch, Mary Clare, Frederick Piper, Russell Thorndike, Danny Green, James Robertson Justice, Ernest Milton, Alec Mango, Kay Kendall and Frank Tickle.


Two British soldiers (Trinder and Hale) and a WREN (Decker) take refuge at Stonehenge during a thunderstorm, they are struck by lightning and transported back to ancient Rome. They make ends meet by making prophecies but are just about to be thrown to the lions when lightning strikes them for a second time and they return to the present. A musical comedy with many war-time jokes - it hasn't dated well.

Released October 1944

Trnder and Hale surrounded by Roman dancing girls

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