The Foreman Went to France


The Foreman Went to France was directed by Charles Frend, associate producer Alberto Cavalcanti.The script is by John Dighton, Angus Macphail and Leslie Arliss based on a story by JB Priestley from a real-life episode. Art direction was by Tom Morahan, photography by Wilkie Cooper, music by William Walton and edited by Robert Hamer. It's stars are Tommy Trinder, Gordon Jackson, Constance Cummings, Clifford Evans, Robert Morley, Paul Bonifas, Ernest Milton, Francis L. Sullivan, John Williams, Ronald Adam, Charles Victor, Bill Blewett, Mervyn Johns, John Boxer, Anita Palcine and Thora Hird.


France 1940, the Germans are overrunning the country, Fred (Evans) goes to France to prevent some important machinery from falling into Nazi hands. He is befriended by an American (Cummings) and two British soldiers (Trinder and Jackson). He manages to get the machinery home after a long and hazardous journey across the country. Based on the true exploits of one Melbourne Johns.

Released April 1942

Clifford Evans, Gordon Jackson and Tommy Trinder

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