Johnny Frenchman


Johnny Frenchman was directed by Charles Frend associate producer was SC Balcon. The script was written by TEB Clarke. the film was photographed by Roy Kellino with art direction by Duncan Sutherland. The music waas written by Clifton Parker and the film edited by Michael Truman. The cast are Françoise Rosay, Tom Walls, Patricia Roc, Ralph Michael, Paul Dupuis, Frederick Piper, Arthur Hambling, Grace Arnold, Judith Furze, Bill Blewett, Carol O'Connor, Alfie Bass, Beatrice Varley, Drusilla Wills, James Harcourt, Stan Paskin, James Knight, George Hirste, Franklin Bennett, Leslie Harcourt, Bernard Fishwick, Herbert Thomas, Denver Hall, Vincent Holman, Marcel Poncin, Henri Bollinger, Jean-Marie Balcon, Louise Gournay, Charles Jezequel, Pierre Richard, Jean-Marie Nacry, Joseph Menou and Paul Bonifas


Warring communities of Breton and Cornish fishermen bury their differnces during the war and make friends when France is occupied by the Germans.


This beautifully shot film was made mainly on location in Mevagissy, Cornwall. The story is of two fishing communities one in Cornwall the other in Brittany and their rivalry. In the days before the war poaching and squabbles were frequent, but circumstances change and the war brings the communities closer together particularly after the Germans occupy France. It is well worth watching but the on again off again nature of the story deprives the film of any excitement.

Released August 1945

Tom Walls, Françoise Rosay and Patricia Roc drink to new friendship

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