Let George Do It


Directed by Marcel Varnel, associate producer Basil Dearden. The script was written by John Dighton, Austin Melford, Angus McPhail and Dearden. Photography was by Ronald Neame, art direction by Wilfred Shingleton, Musical director was Ernest Irving and the film was edited by Ray Pitt. The cast are George Formby, Phyllis Calvert, Garry Marsh, Romney Brent, Bernard Lee, Coral Browne, Diana Beaumont, Torin Thatcher, Hal Gordon, Donald Calthrop, Ronald Shiner, Bill Shine, Albert Lieven, Helena Pickard and Percy Walsh.


George Formby is misrouted on his way to Blackpool and ends up in Bergen where he is mistaken for an British spy. With the help of Sally (Phyllis Calvert) who is the real agent he discovers that band lead Mendez (Garry Marsh) is sending details of shipping to German U-boats. George is taken prisoner and ends up on a U-boat himself. However he manages to let the British know where the submarine is and they bomb it, he is saved by being blown out of a torpedo tube.

Released July 1940

Phyllis Calvert and George Formby

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