Noel Coward was born in Teddington in 1899. He began his career on the stage at the age of twelve and never looked back. He became a playwright, novelist, composer, actor, screenwriter, producer and director. His film debut was in DW Griffiths Hearts of the World of 1918. Several of his plays were made into films including: The Vortex, Private Lives, This Happy Breed, Blithe Spirit and Brief Encounter.

His 1940 film In Which We Serve, which he co-directed with David Lean, acted in, produced, and wrote music for earned him a special Academy Award "for his outstanding production achievement."

His film appearances are rare in our period being: In Which We Serve (1940) and The Astonished Heart (1949) which, although from his own play is not very good. He later appeared in small, but memorable roles.

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