The Films Of David Farrar

Film Title



Head Over Heels 1937 aka Head Over Heels In Love; musical
Return Of A Stranger, The 1937 aka The Face Behind The Scar
Silver Top 1937  
Sexton Blake And The Hooded Terror 1938 Doesn't play Blake in this film
A Royal Divorce 1938  
Danny Boy 1941  
Sheepdog Of The Hills 1941  
Penn Of Pennsylvania 1941 aka The Courageous Mr Penn
Suspected Person 1942  
Went The Day Well? 1942 aka 48 Hours
The Night Invader 1942  
The Dark Tower 1943  
They Met In The Dark 1943  
Headline 1943  
The Hundred Pound Window 1943  
For Those In Peril 1944  
Meet Sexton Blake 1944 First time as Sexton Blake
The World Owes Me A Living 1944  
The Echo Murders 1945 Second outing as Sexton Blake
The Trojan Brothers 1945  
Lisbon Story 1946  
Black Narcissus 1947 Oscars: Colour Photography, Art Direction
Freida 1947  
Mr Perrin And Mr Traill 1948 From the novel by Hugh Walpole
The Small Back Room 1948 aka Hour Of Glory; Novel by Nigel Balchin
Diamond City 1949  
Cage Of Gold 1950  
Gone To Earth 1950 aka The Wild Heart
The Late Edwina Black 1951 aka Obsessed; From a play by William Dinner
Night Without Stars 1951  
The Golden Horde (US) 1951 aka The Golden Horde Of Genghis Khan
Duel In The Jungle (US) 1954 with Dana Andrews
The Black Shield Of Falworth (US) 1954 With Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh
Lilacs In The Spring 1954 aka Let's Make Up
Escape To Burma (US) 1955 With Barbara Stanwyck
Pearl Of The South Pacific (US) 1955  
The Sea Chase (US) 1955 With John Wayne and Lana Turner
Lost 1955 aka Tears For Simon
Triangle On Safari 1957 aka Woman And The Hunter
I Accuse! 1957  
Son Of Robin Hood 1958  
John Paul Jones (US) 1959 With Bette Davis
Watusi (US) 1959  
Solomon And Sheba (US) 1959  
'Beat' Girl 1959 aka Wild For Kicks
The Webster Boy 1960 aka Middle Of Nowhere
The 300 Spartans (US) 1960  

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