Born Phyllis Bickle on February 18th 1915 in London. One of the big three popular leading ladies of 1940's British Cinema, Phyllis along with Patricia Roc and Margaret Lockwood, packed theatres around the country and wooed the hearts of many fans during the war and just after.

Phyllis was a dancer as a child but came to star in films in her mid twenties after an injury prevented continuing with her dancinging. She only starred in a few films during the 1930's but really came into her own in the 1940's. She remained active right through to the 1970's. A trip to Hollywood (as for many leading British ladies) proved unsuccessful in the late 40's.

Dark haired and with a upper class persona she was a natural for period romantic drama and weepies.

Phyllis Calvert died aged 87 on October the 8th 2002.

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