Madeleine Carroll
Born Edith Madeleine Carroll in West Bromwich (England), on February the 26th 1906. Blonde haired and blue eyed Madeleine was a French language teacher and hat model before she made her stage debut in 1927. Perhaps most famous for her appearances as the leading lady in Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" and "Secret Agent" although she made a total of over 40 films during her career!

In 1936 she went to Hollywood and under contract to Walter Wanger and 20th Century Fox enjoyed better success there then many of her collegues who followed later. In 1943 she became an American citizen. However, after her sisters death in the bombing of London during World War 2 she returned to England to work in war relief. She only made a few more films in the postwar era before disappearing from the screen. Subsequently she worked on the stage, radio and TV for several years before eventually ending up spending her retirement on a large farm just outside Paris.

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