Hazel Court
Born February 10th 1926 in Birmingham (England). Hazel was a green eyed redhead whose looks could've killed in technicolor but unfortunately the British Film industry chose to use her in low budget black and white B movies! Her potential in colour cinematography and her acting abilities were largely left undiscovered until the 1960's where she found some fame in the bad girl roles she played in a few horror films of the period - most notably (and probably where most will remember her from) in "Masque of the Red Death" (1964).

However, it is always a pleasure to see her pop up in the older movies, even if her appearances in these were rather on the small side. One of my personal favourites would be "Holiday Camp" (1947) which is an extrodinary film in it's own right. Another would be "Bond Street" (1948). Other more dubious sounding productions followed in the 1950's such as "Devil Girl From Mars" (1954)!

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