Sally Gray was born Constance Vera Stevens February the 14th, 1916 in London. She was the leading lady of many British films of the 1930's and 40's following long experience on the London stage since the age of 10.

Reputedly, she suffered a breakdown due to overwork in 1941 but returned triumphantly to the screen in 1946 looking more stunning then ever. Although she was never considered as popular as Margaret Lockwood, Phyllis Calvert or Patricia Roc, she was still a firm favourite and had a fan following which lasts even to this day.

In 1953 she married into the aristocracy and retired from films. Her first film was "School for Scandal" (1930) and the last was "Escape Route" - US: "I'll Get You" (1952).

Other films of note include "The Saint in London" (1939), "A Window in London" - US: "Lady in Distress" (1939), "Dangerous Moonlight" - US: "Suicide Squadron" (1941) and "Green for Danger" (1946).

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