Born Blackburn (England), February 23rd 1892. One of the most memorable character actresses of British cinema, Kathleen is always a delight to see. To those who don't know her perhaps best described as a kind of British Thelma Ritter. She was usually cast in cockney roles, during the 1930's as maids and girlfriends and then in the 40's in motherly roles.

Her career took off in the late 40's and for many years she was a major star. Having conquered cinema in that period she went on to have a 1960's TV serial "Mrs Thursday" and continued to work into her old age. She made many films perhaps one of my favourites (and most typical of her roles) was "Bank Holiday" (1937) (US: "Three on a Weekend").

Kathleen died 7th December 1995, aged 103!

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