Real Name: Felicia Riese
Born: June 7th, 1915, St Pancras, London.
Died: December 30th, 2003, Locarno, Switzerland.
Hair/Eye Colour: Brunette / Blue Eyes
Interests: Painting, Riding and Cookery
Education (Acting): Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Stage Debut: "Nut's in May" (London 1937)
Screen Debut (Britain): "Rebel Son" (1938)
Screen Debut (America): "Canyon Passage" (1945)
Height: 5' 4½"
Pat's Favourite Film of her own:    

"The Brothers" (1947)

Some Other Films of Note:
(for full list see filmography)
"Millions Like Us" (1943), "Love Story" (1944),
"The Wicked Lady" (1945)

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