Googie Withers
Born Georgette Lizette Withers on March the 12th, 1917 in Karachi, India. She was educated in London and made a stage debut in 1929 subsequently playing lead roles in many productions. She started appearing in films in the 1930's and became such a familiar face on screen that it almost seems like it isn't a classic British film if Googie isn't in it somewhere!

Her fame really came to fruition in the 1940's when she became known as the "best bad girl in British films"! Decided to go to Australia in the 1950's with her husband (John McCallum) but made a comeback on British TV as a prison governess in the serial "Within These Walls".

Googie Withers died July 15th 2011 in Sydney, Australia. Read an obituary here

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Googie Withers

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