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I was asked so many times about where Man From UNCLE videos can be purchase and where books can be brought that I decided to do something about it! The answer is now RIGHT HERE! In association with and, I'm pleased to open this storefront featuring most of the stuff that is available from purchase at this time. I hope it proves useful to those who have asked me in the past where they can get stuff!

You may ask what the deal is here and what I get out of it. Well the truth is probably not very much (apart from getting the repetative questions about where to buy stuff out of my hair :)). But if you should decide that I am a reasonable sort of a guy then buying through this page will get me small percentage of the money you spend. This will not alter the end price of the products to you - i.e. it costs you nothing to get me this money. Think of it as a small thank you for my efforts in bringing you the FAQ page!

However, if for some reason you don't like me and don't want me to benefit from your purchase then please feel free to go directly to or (click on the logo's above) and bypass this system. That way no money will come to me from your spending.

Lastly, a small disclaimer. When you purchase your contract is with or (whichever you choose). Do not send me any mail regarding your transactions as I will only redirect you to Amazon. Apart from acting as a shopfront for Amazon I have no connection whatsoever with them or any access to their systems or accounts details...

UPDATE for 2015 (the US Amazon) no longer offer any incentives for leads - as such this storefront will be UK centric. If you want to buy stuff from Amazon (US) (at the time of writing everything UNCLE related is available there not just odds and ends as in the UK) then head directly over there and don't bother with this :) DIRECT LINK TO AMAZON US:

H Jaremko
(MFUFAQ Editor)